Networking Know How

Understand the Influence You Can Have
as  a Powerful Networker

I know what you’re thinking.  OK, maybe I don’t at this VERY minute.

But I’m going to imagine that you have a concern about networking.

Hey, you clicked through to this page, so you must be interested in getting the low down on how you could improve and expand your current network AND get to know and be known by a lot more people.  Important and key people.

But there’s a little problem.

You stink at networking.

You get nervous about approaching people.  You don’t know what words to say, or what they’ll think of you, or what you can offer that would have them be truly interested in you.

So you don’t.

Let’s face it.  You’re scared.

You’re so used to performing that the simple art of opening your mouth and saying “hello” sometimes is just plain HARD for a lot actors.  You want someone else to go first.

I find that fascinating.


You run on at the mouth about all you’ve done, who you know, and why the person listening should represent you, hire you, love you (ahem, maybe not that, but YES they should LOVE what you do)…and you don’t even know their name.

I’ve seen BOTH things happen time and time again.

That’s why I created Networking Know How.

How to Know if This Seminar is For You

You are starting to realize that networking is a life skill, not just something you do when you want something.

You have a lot to offer, not only the people who can “hire you” but others as well, and love to connect and make an impact.  You just need to know the right approach and words to say.  Or what NOT to say.

You know that you’ve got to treat folks with respect and also get and keep them interested, but you don’t know exactly how to go about it.

You want to unlock your potential by creating strategic alliances with people that have influence and also become one of them.

You’re up to creating valuable lifetime connections with key players and want to go about it properly by being gracious, not creepy.  Yes, I said creepy (you should see what some actors think is gracious –  Oy Vey!).

Here’s Some of The Really Cool Things You’ll Learn

  • 3 essential ice-breaking questions to ask, that make you look really smart
  • How to listen for and then PROVIDE what the other person is needing/wanting
  • Find out if the contact you’ve met will be useful for your current endeavors or if you should put them in your database for the future
  • Discover the 4 major personality types, including your own, and how to “match” the energy of the person you’re meeting based on certain traits
  • How to be remembered long after the event is over by following up effectively
  • How to create long lasting relationships that benefit you both.  A real win-win

How Much Opportunity Have You Already Missed?

You have two options right now.

You can continue on your current path, waiting for something, anything, to come along and interrupt the rut of your not quite optimal career, or you can kick it in the butt by taking this seminar.

Your choice.

Do the same ole’ thing, have the same ole’ life.  Do something completely different, have a completely different life.

So What’s All This Gonna Cost?

I personally took a networking course though a huge seminar company that taught me most of the things you’ll learn in this seminar.  I paid $2,997.

No kidding.

And it was entirely worth it.  My network is HUGE.  I know and am known by thousands and thousands of people (soon to be millions).

I’ve earned the respect of many of the people I once only knew from the books that they wrote or programs they were on.  I’m even being mentored by some of these influential folks because I reached out to them…properly.

I would have paid triple for what I learned.  But you don’t have to.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, ending the starving artist syndrome is a daunting task and I’m dedicated to it…one actor at a time.  And in order to do that, I knew I needed to make this a low cost program.

I want you to have this information, use it, then become the most famous, richest, sought after actor in the world – I truly do.

Then I want you to adopt me.

But seriously, it’s only $29.95 for the video course and $14.95 for the audio version.  That’s all.  A tiny drop in the bucket by comparison.


GET IT NOW and learn from home!  Then go out and expand your NETWORK!

$29.95 Video Download

$14.95 Audio Download



“I wanted to say how much I loved Networking Know How and  I’ve taken all that you have taught me and applied it in my life and things are happening!  Since taking the seminar (I’m so glad I did)  I’ve met several people at your First Thursdays parties.  Recently I went on a go-see for print work and got the job!  My first paying print job.  🙂  Then I went for an audition and GOT THE PART!  It is a comedy piece and I’m so excited to be doing it!  Comedy is such my thing and this is the first time NY will see me doing it!  I’m also writing a book.  Fiction. I’m on fire.  Finally I want to say… THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP… WISDOM… AND ENCOURAGEMENT!”  Blessings, Tina Mavrikidis

“This seminar gave me confidence and know-how in approaching others socially and professionally. And it was fun!”  ~Jasmine Huynh

“The “Golden Rule” I am taking away from this seminar is “Be gracious, not creepy” I will also remember to be a better listener. Thank you Tracy “  ~ Rose Jensen

“Lisa, first I want to thank you for steering me to the Networking Know How seminar, where I was pleasantly surprised by what I learned. Your professionalism in conveying the subject matter on networking was Golden. I learned a little bit more about myself {Green}. I should be able to Network at a much more informed level this coming Thursday. I will be embracing an attitude that I learned at the seminar and I look forward to learning so much more. I’ll always remember, it all started with you. Thanks.”   ~ Richard Thomas