You’re HERE!  You finally made it!  Of course I don’t know all of the twists and turns of the journey that led you here but I don’t believe in accidents.  The Golden Circle is designed to end the struggle, fear, and doubt around how to make a living acting.  Our GC community is all about abundance.  NO MORE “starving artists”.  Your acting brings beauty, art, grace, and a higher spirit to a world in need.  Isn’t it time you got the same value that you give? It’s my privilege and pleasure to be your co-pilot on this awesome adventure! – Lisa

The Big Question Is:
Can The Golden Circle
Help You Create an Acting Career that
Fulfills Your Creative Vision – the
Life That You Really Want?

FACT: Knowing how to act is not enough – 97% of actors LEAVE the performing side of show business within 3 years of entering the profession. You have to know how to creatively market yourself, keep your  head on straight and take care of business!

“The year bchristian_rozakisefore I met Lisa I only had 11 auditions. Since deciding to work with her as my coach, within two months I booked a SAG indie short film, completely and almost unbelievably tailored to the archetype that I re-branded for myself, greatly increased my amount of auditions for union gigs, rekindled and patched up my relationships with my agents, and got me on the track of being a true working actor with a positive mental attitude – all while working 2 jobs and going to school. Everything that Lisa gives is GOLD and I highly recommend her to every actor who’s ever felt stuck in their career. The mere fact that I am able to actually write a testimonial like this is a personal dream come true in itself! If you even have the inkling that she could possibly improve any part of your acting career that you feel is lacking… don’t be an idiot. Register now. Time is as precious as her guidance. And it’s done nothing but greatly improve my career and my well being. I’ll continue to include her as a vital part of my progress throughout my  greatest achievements. Invaluable.”
– Christian Rozakis

What I discovered in my own journey as an actress, a business woman and a seeker of a joyous and abundant life helped me answer the question:

How Do I Make A Living Doing What I Love?

Before we explore my story any further, I would like to ask you a few questions:

Have you tried everything you know how to do to get acting work and find the process to be too challenging or emotionally draining?

Are you constantly reminded that you have to make someone else believe in you to give you access to doing what you truly love?

Have you ever thought that if you could just get an agent, or a better agent, that everything would be much better for you and it would all turn out?

Are you always thinking of your last audition and how you probably would have gotten a call back or booked it if only you had…?

Do you dream of a day that you will finally be free of inner demons, bad thoughts and past disappointments? Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda?

Are you one of many actors who wish you had more control over the direction of your career, industry visibility, relationships and wallet?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I know that The Golden Circle can make a difference for you.

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Back to my story:  Once I figured out the balance of my craft an art as a singer/actress, and the need to market myself to a niche set of targeted industry professionals, I was easily able to:

    • Establish a thriving career working as an actor in projects that were a fit for my career goals and lifestyle.
    • Create a solid foundation and a network of relationships where the importance of name recognition – theirs, in addition to mine, was equally understood. 
    • Earned my SAG-AFTRA and Actor’s Equity cards through work organically, without even questioning if it was the right move or the right time.
    • Study my craft while I was working on furthering my marketing studies for my “flexible day job” as owner of Actors Connection in New York.
    • Help people establish themselves in their own acting career pursuits by offering my collective experience as both a performer and a marketing expert.
    • Improve my personal relationships and become free of negative people whose conversations and ways of thinking brought me down.
    • Enjoy the lifestyle that I wanted, with all the perks that I only dreamed of when I was just starting out!

 So What is included in The Golden Circle
Monthly Membership?

$1 Per Minute One-on-One Coaching with Lisa Gold.  Yep, the ONLY actors I’ll be working with for the remainder of 2016 are Golden Circle members.  My usual coaching rate is 3 times higher but GC members are the creme de la creme and deserve my attention because of taking ACTion and stepping up the game.  There’s a minimum of 20 minutes but no maximum and you can do as many sessions at this rate as you choose.  Tailor a coaching plan that works for you!

LIVE 1-HOUR Coaching Call per month.  Newly added as I train to become a talent agent, this call will focus on all of the questions you have about the inner workings of an agency.  I’ll share insider info and things you may not know about how the submission and audition process works – from the “other side of the biz”.  I’d also love feedback on the content of the GC and your ideas on how to transform the content into my upcoming class modules. 

Slice of Life Videos.  I’ll be recording much of the process of my education as an agent.  I’ll take you EXCLUSIVELY behind the scenes from my learning the process and tech of submissions, to attending showcases and meetings with actors, to the decision making process of who to work with, who not, and who to drop and why.  I’ll bring you along on my experience of being new at something, my obstacles, resistance, joys, triumphs, ups and downs and of course, SUCCESSES when my clients book! 

24 Actor VIBE Calls that create the space for you to “play” an effective game.  Yes, there’s a step-by-step process with content on almost every subject out there, but the WHY and PURPOSE for doing anything is the JUICE of how to get what you want.  Keeping your head on straight in the face of rejection and disappointment is the key to perseverance and ultimate success.  These calls will help teach you to Visualize ~ Intend ~ Believe ~ and then Experience!

Freestyle Q&A Calls to discuss anything and everything.  All questions are welcome and whether it’s specific to you or general in nature we’ll get to the heart of what matters most to you. Names you need to know, situations and circumstances, “how tos” and the debunking of many myths, as well as the out of date things you’ve heard “them” say.  (Who are “they” anyway?)

24 Topic Videos on subjects you actually care about!  Money, getting an agent, keeping your head together, balancing acting and paying the rent, pr and promotion, creating your own content and much more.  You’ll also get info, links and resources supporting the topic. You’ll get a vote on what you want to learn!

24 Ask the Expert Calls
with dedicated people who know their stuff.  I’ve created a wide network of experts in every area of actor interest and they’ll be my guests on calls that mirror the monthly topic.  You’ll get another point of view to round out your coaching in that subject and gain even more insight.

Performer Track
– The top database for your contact, record keeping and measuring system.  This tool is ESSENTIAL as every working business HAS a database…and now you will too because it’s
included in your membership TAKE A TOUR

The Actor’s DetectiveDone for you research on projects before they get into the casting process, on Breakdown Services or Actors Access.  You don’t need to take your time to read all of the trades and mine for the GOLD provided in these twice monthly reports.  The Actor’s Detective has done it for you – PREVIEW AN ISSUE

Discounts with Committed Partners
Exclusive to our members you’ll get the biggest discounts for you that I specially negotiated for headshot duplication, casting director workshops, demo reel editing, tax consulting, audition taping and so much more.

A Compiled List of Resources every actor needs but doesn’t know about.. As an actor there are soooo many discounts you may be missing out on and we’ve got the links to the sources for restaurants, hotels, show tix, classes, gyms, spas, and tons of other great stuff gathered for easy access.
30% off all Act Outside the Box programs and products. Can’t get enough? You’ll get even more education and training at a special rate when you shop in the AOTB store.  Get individual courses or bundles and save BIG!
Access to Archives all past Expert, Q&A, Coaching Calls and Topic Videos. Every monthly call is recorded so you’ll never miss a thing.  You’ve got a busy schedule and no matter when you join you’ll have the ability to listen and learn from all that has gone before.
Current and Relevant Articles for your business development written by other industry professionals. The core curriculum of 12 courses I created for your business of show is supported by other industry professionals wanting to contribute to your success too!
Free On-line Tech Tools, Gadgets and Apps.  So much more is available to actors today than ever before because of the internet.  I’ve put together a whole host of web tools, social media apps, video editors and more.
On-line Community to collaborate with others who are up to the same cool things you are.  Join our community online via our APP on your smart phone! We encourage open discussions and support, get and give referrals, advice, and build an audience for your next show or gain a study buddy.

Off-line Special Events/Parties in New York and LA – Free for Members Only. You’ll enjoy first dibs on limited seating with industry guests in attendance at The Broadway and Hollywood Brunch Club series.  We’ll also have the chance to sit and chat together at special cocktail receptions or theater/film events to meet and greet each other.  Subject to Lisa’s schedule and location.

I am absolutely committed to ending the “starving artist” conversation by dedicating myself to coaching YOU to make a living doing what you love.  I’ll see you in The Golden Circle! – Lisa Gold

$97 per month
Now ONLY $33

Use Code GC33 to to make
your monthly fee only $33
Regularly $97
SAVE $64 per month!


Making a living as an actor and performer means you are running a BUSINESS!  In school they only taught me the show.  When I came into the professional community I finally got an education! This was a wake up call for me, and it may be for you, too.

The Legal Stuff: Every effort has been made to accurately represent this program and it′s potential. Participation is intended for educational purposes only. Please also consider that information given in the Golden Circle Membership program is not a guarantee of work, representation or potential income. Each individual is responsible for his or her own success by the actions taken and effort applied as well as his or her own background/credits, talent, dedication, desire and motivation. Lisa Gold is not a lawyer, accountant, business adviser or tax expert and any decisions in these areas should be discussed with the appropriate business professionals.