Out of the Box Actor Basics – Four Course Bundle

Act Outside the Box

What You Don’t Know You Don’t Know

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“Outside the Box” Actor Basics

4 course bundle

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$89.00 Video Downloads

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Click on the tabs below for a full description of each course’s content.  Get them ALL in this 4 course package as well as all PDF handouts, lists of resources, links and referrals. Enjoy and learn in two easy to use formats…audio or video.  Your choice!

       How to Get and Keep an Agent

Everything You Need to Know to Find the Right Agent for You!

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  • Find out the best way to approach different agencies, which ones are a fit given your experience and training, and how best to prepare for the all important agency interview.
  • Learn a PROVEN method for gaining attention through savvy marketing and how to get noticed.
  • Clear through that clutter! A must for any actor seeking representation!

       Networking Know How

Become the Flame NOT the Moth

  • Learn the 3 BEST ice-breaking questions that will give you the edge in conversations with industry professionals
  • Finally figure out the four different and distinct personality types and learn how to approach others based on theirs, not yours
  • Find fabulous ways to be remembered long after the event ends

       Make Money Acting – Defining Your Product

Get Visible, Stand Out, and Become a KNOWN “Go To Actor”

hands reaching to falling money

  • Clear through the clutter of the thousands and thousands of other actors by finding your perfect niche
  • Create cool and memorable marketing tools that reflect your brand, visually and in writing
  • Learn about the archetypes that writers use to create storyline and which one(s) will make YOU the most money

       Resume Rescue

How to Stand Out and Fit In – Let it Speak for You

Resume Rescue - new

  • Create a mind map for the reader of your resume and be identified for roles you haven’t played yet but are right for
  • Get the correct format, fonts, sizes and styles that make your resume more visually appealing and easy to read
  • Learn the words to ERASE from your resume forever

The curriculum of seminars and workshops offered by Act Outside the Box
is designed to cover ALL areas of the Business of Show. Each course includes PDF exercise handouts,
lists of resources, links and referrals.

 $29.95 for Seminar Videos / $49.95 for Workshop Videos (double downloads)
$14.95 for Seminar Audios / 24.95 for Workshop Audios (double downloads)

Each of the programs are available to purchase separately: CLICK HERE